Project Partners

Since the opening of the Künstlerhaus Lukas (Artists’ House Luke) as a work place for artists in 1994, cooperation has been seen with different cultural institutions in Ahrenshoop and Mecklen-burg/Western Pomerania. Taking these contacts as a basis, more projects of cooperation are on offer for holders of scholarship in order to present their artistic work during or after the receipt of scholarship in readings, single or joint exhibitions, concerts, performances and other public events.

With this program, the Künstlerhaus Lukas serves artists working in different fields and from different nationalities to meet and exchange ideas with each other as well as the interested public.

Since 2009, the Neue Kunsthaus in Ahrenshoop has played a very important role in the program, where its program is fully available for cooperation with Künstlerhaus Lukas. Scholarship holders have been able to participate in theme, individual or group exhibitions since 1994 and are invited to contribute their works to the new curatorial program in particular. The program also includes exhibitions, concerts and performances. In addition to organizing their projects, the guest curators are also engaged in the mediation of contemporary art to the public.

The following partner institutions in the district offer cooperation:

Neues Kunsthaus Ahrenshoop
Artmuseum Ahrenshoop
Literaturhaus Rostock
Literature Center Vorpommern in the Koeppenhaus Greifswald
freiraum-verlag Greifswald
Caspar David Friedrich Institute of the University of Greifswald
Galerie im Kloster Ribnitz-Damgarten
Kunstkaten Ahrenshoop
Faculty design at Wismar University of Applied Sciences
Film art festival Schwerin
Gallery Peters-Barenbrock Ahrenshoop
Gallery Alte Schule Ahrenshoop
Finland Institute Berlin