Scholarship holders 2013 and 2014

The working residencies at the Künstlerhaus Lukas in 2014 were dominated by the interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary festival ZUFLUCHT - VON DER SEHNSUCHT DES PARADIES, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Künstlerhaus Lukas in the 120-year-old building.

In 1894, the painter Paul Müller-Kaempff built Haus Lucas as a painting school for female artists who were unable to study at academies at the time. The house has experienced a chequered history and yet has always been there for artists. The GDR's Cultural Fund set up working and recreational facilities for artists. The building, which is largely in good condition today, has been offering excellent working conditions since 1994. Until 2005 this was due to the commitment of the former Kulturfonds foundation. In 2006 the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern took over, in cooperation with Künstlerhaus Ahrenshoop e.V. and the municipality of Ahrenshoop.

Selected artists from the regular scholarship programme as well as from new cooperations with museums, galleries and art associations have prepared numerous public presentations on the festival theme in the project residencies.

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Information on the scholarship holders and the 2014 project residencies can be found in the respective months.

ZUFLUCHT - von der Sehnsucht des Paradieses

A jury of nine experts appointed by the advisory board of Künstlerhaus Ahrenshoop e.V. met from 29.08. to 01.09.2012 and decided on the awarding of residency, project and exchange scholarships as well as workshop grants in the programme of Künstlerhaus Lukas for 2013.

Choosing from 1187 applications, the jury consisting of Cornelia Jentzsch, Dr. Anne Blaudzun, Jana Hensel representing the field of literature, Madeleine Dietz, Dr. Jule Reuter, Dr. Kornelia Röder, Prof. Felix Müller representing visual arts, Björn Gottstein representing composition and Wibke Janssen representing dance/performance nominated artists from all over Germany and Northern Europe for a total of 32 monthly scholarships, 1 two-month project scholarship as well as 2 workshop scholarships for the year 2013.

There will also be guests from our partner institutions in Northern Europe, guests of honour, etc. in cooperation with the Stiftung Kunstmuseum Ahrenshoop/FAMAKunststiftung, the winner of the student competition INSOMNALE from Greifswald, a script scholarship in cooperation with the Filmkunstfest Schwerin, a scholarship for children's book illustration in cooperation with the Hinstorff-Verlag Rostock/Bilderbuchmuseum Troisdorf and a scholarship in cooperation with the AOK Nordost Teltow coming to the Künstlerhaus Lukas.

Exchange scholarships are currently being offered in cooperation with the Centre for Contemporary Art Kaliningrad, the Baltic Centre for Writers and Translators Visby/Sweden, the Grafikenshus Mariefred/Sweden, the partner institutions in the field of graphics in Odense/Denmark and the partner institutions in the field of graphics KKV and Monumental Malmö/Sweden, the Kulturvilla Muramaris on Gotland/Sweden, the Gunnarshús Reykjavík/Iceland, the NES-Artist Residency Skagaströnd/Iceland as well as with the Klaipeda Culture Communication Center in Lithuania.

Unfortunately, due to budget discussions that have yet to be finalised, we must point out that this publication must first be treated as a proposal from the jury and no binding commitment can be made until the annual budget has been confirmed.

The following scholarships have been proposed for 2013:

Künstlerhaus Lukas:
Petra Huber, Peter Wawerzinek, Katja Petrowskaja, Inger-Maria Mahlke
Guest of Honour:
Ines Geipel
Exchange scholarships:
Jan Böttcher, Alena Wagnerová, Ines Carola Baumgartl, Ruth Wyneken, Laurynas Katkus

Künstlerhaus Lukas:
Anne Hofmann, Bernd Trasberger, Erik Göngrich, Anna Linke, Jörg Finus, Theda Schillmöller
Guest of Honour:
Via Lewandowsky
Project scholarship:
Ralph Etter, Sophie Narr
Exchange scholarships:
Karen Koltermann, Julia Oschatz, Sara Wallgren, Rodion Petrov, Maria Suchomlina,
Ekatarina Jurzhichina, Sarah Bodil Hansen, Johanna Pihlajamaa, Jeanette Lindstedt, Małgorzata Szandała.

Künstlerhaus Lukas:
Birgit Ulher, Gerald Eckert, Hans W. Koch, Alex Nowitz
Workshop scholarship:
Workshop with Michael Thieke, Maya Carroll, Biliana Voutchkova, Roy Carroll, Sarah Marguier.

Künstlerhaus Lukas:
Katja Scholz
Workshop scholarship:
Workshop with Daniel Drabek, Ini Dill, Katja Scholz, Elly Fujita, Alexander Spree, Erol Alexandrov, Eliane Krauer, Nabil Cherkit, Thomas Jacoby, Masu Mohr.
Exchange scholarship:
Rosi Ulrich, Steinunn Ketilsdóttir